5 Ways to Make Money on TikTok in 2023 (HOW TO START NOW)

5 Ways to Make Money on TikTok in 2023 (HOW TO START NOW)
My name is Isabella

I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I’m going to be talking all about how you can make money with TikTok I feel like TikTok is the leading platform and all of the trends hit TikTok first and then to the other social media networks TikTok has continued to grow rapidly since 2020 and is expected to reach two billion users by 2024 and if you are an entrepreneur like me there are lots of different way ways that you can actually make money and use TikTok as a way to make you rich don’t think you have to be an influencer or have an audience to actually make money with TikTok

Just get started

And you will build an audience Tik Tok is unlike any other social media and you can grow a Tik Tok account super quick with the right strategies that I teach on my YouTube channel there has been countless situations on Tik Tok where Tik Tok has changed people’s lives.

I would not be sitting

Here talking to you guys today if it was not for Tik Tok Tik Tok is the reason why my online store and my Creator accounts and all the ways that I make money online have been able to grow so rapidly keep in mind that I don’t even show my face on two of those accounts I’m going to be going over the top strategies of how you can make money online with Tik Tok.

Deciding on how you want to monetize your Tik Tok 

Make money with Tik Tok depends on your audience and you have to figure out who your audience is once you pick a niche and grow an audience there are so many different monetization routes that you can then take before we continue on with this video.

I want to say a huge

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For being the sponsor of today’s video so number one is joining the Tik Tok creativity program formerly the Tik Tok Creator fund now.

Tik Tok

Does have a Creator monetization system where they pay you for views but that’s not always the best way to go about actually making money with Tik Tok I have made way more money pushing my audience from Tik Tok to another platform or online store than I have from the actual

Tik Tok views the RPM on some of these videos you can get 50 cents to a dollar if you you don’t know what RPM means it’s how much you get paid per 1,000 views that’s typically the standard so if you are someone that you start creating engaging content that’s over a minute long you can 100% scale this opportunity on

Tik Tok number two is selling in an online store through

And you’re probably wondering okay how do I even create content like how do I even actually start I do have videos on my YouTube channel that even show you how to create viral content so I show you how I film edit and post so if you haven’t already definitely go watch the videos on my YouTube channel that show you step by step how to start an online store with no money how to find products to sell and how to actually get that going because it can be a great long-term investment in yourself that you can start doing with Z .

So Tik Tok actually just started

This new thing called TikTok shop which allows people to shop directly through your video I love the concept of it I actually just turned my Creator account over to a business account it’s free to do it just so I could have TikTok shop so.

I am currently testing TikTok

Shop out for you guys I’ve seen it working really well for other business owners on TikTok and I noticed TikTok is also pushing videos that have the TikTok shop added to them so I definitely recommend TikTok  shop and adding a TikTok shop to your online store because you can kind of not even have a website then you could just have a TikTok shop .

If you really

wanted to number three is to go live and collect virtual gifts I have made over $200,000 since the end of 2020 just from doing Tik Tok live streams so how Tik Tok live works is people send these badges like they look like little

like character

things they have pandas they have fireworks they have like all these different random things that you can send with your coins to the person that is doing the live stream and they actually have one one gift called the Tik Tok universe.

That as far as I know

Is worth up to $500 so if you just receive that one gift that’s $500 that you’ve just made in literally a second I tend to get smaller gifts but I stay online for about an hour or two if it’s going really well and sometimes I do have to restart the live

So I definitely recommend if you are not seeing a lot of people on your live obviously you need to be like posting content to boost your live you know and try to get people to your page to click on the live to go to it but it also boosts my Tik toks too so going live is just so beneficial for the growth of your Tik Tok a way to make money

And obviously you get to connect

With your audience more when I personally do my live streams on my ban business account which is my personal account I really just do it for fun I don’t make any money from those because it’s more of an educational you know talking to my audience kind of thing but I feel like I build a bond with you guys by doing that I get to hear from you guys your questions I get to answer and just like really like be in with the community.

Which I love here but the reason why I’m telling you this is because if you’re doing something and you have a Creator account that’s more entertaining then you can make a lot of money from live streams.

So this is something

That you can 100% turn into your full-time income when I go live with my online store my intention is not to get gifts with my online store live streams.

I do the live streams to get sales from my online store and also to connect with my customers and help my customers and answer their questions so even though again it’s not an entertaining life stream it’s more of a way to sell my products it it’s beneficial and it works out that way audiences that have strong connections with their following base tend to have way more monetization opportunities so as a

Creator going live is a must now Tik Tok does take a percentage of what users pay you on live stream which means if someone spends $100 on live stream gifts

I believe

You only keep 50% of that that’s just from my own math and experience from you know seeing how much people spend and then how much I’m actually receiving but the reason of like why I’m okay with this is because Tik Tok sends you so many people obviously like you’re doing the work you’re creating the content.

but the way that Tik Tok Liv stream works is they boost your live stream to a whole new audience where when I go live like on Instagram they don’t do that it’s just your followers so you’re able to like have a live stream that just explodes because of Tik tok’s platform so.

I’m like you know what that’s how I get over that like thought that oh my goodness like they’re taking so much money from me from the live gifts but at the same time they are allowing me to do that in the first place so if you’re wanting to learn more about how to make money with Tik Tok live specifically and to get tons of different ideas definitely go check out this video and .

I will link it

Somewhere down in the description as well for you guys another way that you can get paid from Tik Tok is by doing brand collaborations this is is also known as ugc which stands for user generated content they’ll usually reach out to you through your email and they will send you out free products and pay you to promote their offer or their website or whatever it is it’s just another way that you can make random money from Tik Tok so.

The next way

you can make money with Tik Tok is by doing affiliate marketing what I see a lot of people doing is they start up an Amazon storefront they add all of their favorite products in that storefront and then when they show off products in their videos their viewers can directly buy these.

And Shop these products through the link in their bio so instead of you having an online store of your own and worrying about your supplier shipping products to your buyer you don’t have to worry about that with affiliate marketing since you’re just getting a percentage of the sale now me personally

I like to have my own online store

because then I’m keeping all the profit for myself I’m not having to share it and get like a sliver of what I sold I’m getting all of the profit of what I’m selling and spending my time making videos but that’s just my personal preference everybody’s

Situation is different everyone

has different things that they want to start online you can look into doing both you can obviously do both at the same time but I just wanted to bring up the affiliate marketing part CU it definitely can turn into a lucrative way to make money just through Tik Tok as well there’s actually a newi is feature on Tik Tok that people can subscribe to your Tik Tok where I think it’s around $5 they pay $5 a month it goes Auto automatically and you can actually gain subscribers from doing the live stream and then that’s just like an automatic um payment that.

You get every single

Month so I have seen users on Tik Tok focusing just on the subscription side of things and really racking up a big subscriber list on Tik Tok and having a solid source of income just from those subscribers every single month people want to subscribe to their live streams and their Tik Tok accounts because every time they go live they get like.

A little badge next to their name and and they get like access to cool emojis and things like that whenever I’m on social media I’m constantly seeing success stories of how people became millionaires from Tik Tok how Tik Tok has changed people’s lives financially and people are able to still to this day blow up overnight just with the power of Tik Tok I feel like this is why other social media platforms don’t like Tik Tok because it definitely has a strong sense of community and you can grow.

So fast even as a beginner

There was actually a guy in Walmart and he saw this man that was selling books and he decided to just take out his phone and film this man selling his books he described the man as you know looking a little bit sad that he wasn’t having a lot of people at his booth at the time and he went over there and he recorded one Tik Tok and this Tik Tok absolutely Blew Up .

This Man Became

The number one author on Amazon thousands of people went to buy and share his book to support him from this one single Tik Tok another user on Tik Tok decided to share YouTube channels of people that weren’t getting that many views and he wound up sharing this man’s video of his YouTube channel and because of that one Tik Tok his YouTube channel grew to over 600,000 subscribers now this Channel boring old guy is able to monetize his YouTube channel

And grow his social media

presence thanks to this one kind user on Tik Tok this is another great examp example of how Tik Tok can change lives overnight so it doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t have a talent or you feel like you’re boring just get on Tik Tok see what other people are doing and I believe you are 100% capable of doing exactly the same and becoming successful through Tik Tok.

In your own way Tik Tok

Has changed so many lives and I’m here for it thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you learned Lots from this YouTube video make sure you guys smash that like like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to make free courses and videos just like this don’t forget I have an entire playlist of 100% free courses

On my YouTube channel

which will expand your knowledge and teach you all the different ways that you can make money online right now make sure you guys are following me on Instagram as well at Banis for more business inspiration and updates as always if you have any questions or you want to share your success on Tik Tok comment down below because I love to read through all my comments and I do try to respond to all I will see you guys in my next video bye everyone

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