Soybeans milk making machine price ll Soya Bean Milk Making Machine Soybeans Milk Making Machine

Soybeans milk making machine price ll Soya Bean Milk Making Machine

Viewers, today I have brought a business setup for you guys. Of course, no one has told you before. For this, you guys will need only 1 machine and your business will run and If the business goes well, then we will bring 3 more machines, which will be explained in this video. The advantage of getting 3 more machines will be that you will make more different products and you will earn big money.

Production Speed

The production speed of this small machine is very high. It can produce 200 kg in 1 hour. You can get a smaller machine or a bigger machine. As the models change, the production speed and the price of the machine will also change. If we talk about profit, 1 kg of product costs about 20 rupees. While its sale is about 300 rupees per kg.

So in today’s video, we will give you complete information about a machine that will help you make milk, curd and cheese in a small factory in your own home.

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Viewers must have heard about the milk of buffaloes, cows or goats etc. But they have never seen milk, dhi and paneer made from soybeans. This milk costs 400 rupees and sells for 3000 rupees.
Viewers Milk, Yogurt and Cheese are common products. Sealing them will not be a problem. You can easily seal them at homes, bakeries and restaurants. You can mix milk with vanilla, chocolate and fruity flavors etc. Can also be sealed. Used for optimal growth of children-Soya-based products do not contain fat. So it is very beneficial for health.

Now we talk about what things you will need in the business of making milk, curd and cheese from soybeans, which raw materials will be used and where, how much and how to get the machines. Here again I am requesting you guys to like this video and subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon.

The name of this machine is soy grinder machine. It is very easy to operate. Whether male or female, anyone can easily operate this machine. And the interesting thing is that this machine can also run on normal household electricity.


If we talk about the process, you soak one kilo of soybeans in water for six to seven hours. After that in the grinder machine. Add little by little and keep adding water at the same time. So sir, 1 kg of soy will make 10 liters of milk. Soy residue after milk production is also useful. You can also seal it. Bakeries buy this waste to make salty biscuits.

But if you want to make curd, add six liters of water to one kilogram of soy. If you want to make cheese, 8 liters of water will be used, while for milk, 10 liters of water will be used.


If we talk about the price of this grinder machine, you can get it from any big city of Pakistan for only 60 to 70 thousand rupees. Apart from this, you can also get it imported from India or China.

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