Automatic Roti Naan Chapati Making Machine Price In Pakistan 

It produces 500 rotis in an hour, which is an excellent speed. This machine can be used in hotels, restaurants, courts, university and college canteens, prisons and all places where bread is used in large quantities. is used . You can make the roti as thick and thin as you want. The company has Roti Maker Machines. There are two models: Electrical supported and Gas supported. Both models are best for commercial use and their gas and electricity bills are not so high.

Now let’s talk about how you will do business with this machine. You must have seen that there is a rush of people to buy bread from the ovens in the morning, afternoon and evening. People don’t have that much time but still they wait for their turn to get bread.

So that’s why you guys have to set up a bread maker plant and like other manual ovens, people are waiting for bread. You won’t have such a thing. And will be given to customers. Apart from this, you can also take large orders of rotis for weddings, fairs and happy occasions in your area. If we talk about the price of this machine, it will cost you in the range of 6 to 7.5 lakh rupees in Pakistan. If you want to buy, contact the number given on the screen.

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