Econjobrumors Finance: The Dark Underbelly of Rumors

EconJobRumors is a popular online forum and job board for economists. The site covers a wide range of topics related to economics, including academic research, policy debates, the job market, and more.

The finance section of EconJobRumors focuses specifically on discussions related to careers and topics within the field of finance. This includes investment banking, asset management, financial advisory, sales and trading, venture capital, private equity, financial regulation, and other areas of the financial services industry.

On the finance section of EconJobRumors, users discuss job opportunities, company reputations, interview experiences, compensation, workplace culture, industry trends, financial concepts, and current events related to the world of finance. The site provides a platform for sharing information, seeking advice, debating ideas, and connecting with other professionals and students interested in finance.

While EconJobRumors has expanded over the years to cover economics more broadly, the finance section remains a popular destination for those focused specifically on financial sector careers and topics. The informal nature of the forum format allows for open and candid discussions that users may not find elsewhere. However, the reliability and accuracy of content can vary given the anonymity and lack of citations. Overall, the finance section offers a unique space for finance professionals and students to exchange perspectives and insights.

Types of Discussions

EconJobRumors provides a forum for various types of discussions related to economics jobs, education, and the field in general. Some of the main topics include:

Job Postings

A major focus of the site is job listings and openings. Users share new job postings they come across for academic, government, and private sector economics jobs around the world. This allows members to find out about opportunities they may have otherwise missed. Discussions often center around interpreting the job descriptions, speculating on salaries and benefits, and assessing how competitive the applicant pool may be.


Many threads offer advice for navigating the economics job market and academia. Current graduate students ask about improving their chances of getting interviews and landing top positions. There are tips for creating effective CV’s and cover letters, preparing for interviews, negotiating job offers, and succeeding as a new professor or researcher.


Unsubstantiated rumors are commonplace on the site, especially related to potential new hires, departmental changes, and university gossip. While often unverified, these rumors can provide some insight into the economic profession. However, readers are cautioned to take any unofficial information with a grain of salt.

General Discussion

In addition to job-related matters, members also have wide-ranging discussions about economic theory, policy issues, current events, and happenings in the field. Debates can become heated around controversial topics.

Reputation and Reliability

Econjobrumors has developed a reputation for containing rumors and unreliable information. As an anonymous online forum, there is limited accountability for what users post. Rumors can spread quickly without verification. Some key issues include:

  • Anonymous posting – With no requirement to register or verify identity, users can post anything without standing behind it. This enables trolling and spreading of false information without repercussions.

  • Ability to delete posts – Moderators can remove posts they deem inappropriate, but this can also enable censoring of opinions or facts. There is lack of transparency around post deletions.

  • Minimal fact checking – Unlike traditional media, there are no dedicated fact checkers verifying claims. Misinformation can proliferate.

  • Bias – With a largely academic userbase, discussions may exhibit bias depending on the ideology of active users. This can skew perceptions of schools, professors, and job candidates.

  • Venting frustrations – The site provides an outlet for venting workplace frustrations and ranting about colleagues. While it can provide support, it also enables spreading of unproven rumors.

  • Agenda pushing – Users can coordinate to push certain agendas and viewpoints, making the forums less objective. This reduces reliability for those seeking balanced perspectives.

While Econjobrumors provides a platform for sharing information, readers should be cautious about treating all content as fact. Verifying claims against other sources and looking for consensus can help identify more reliable insights. Discretion is advised.

Job Listings

The job listings section on econjobrumors is a place where users can post and discuss available jobs and positions in economics and finance. Users will create new threads announcing job openings at companies, banks, universities, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations.

The original poster provides details on the position such as the job title, responsibilities, qualifications required, salary and benefits, and application instructions. Other users can then ask questions, provide tips on applying or interviewing, and share insights on the workplace or institution.

There is often discussion comparing similar job listings in terms of salary, prestige, work-life balance, and advancement opportunities. Users give advice on which positions may be better suited for those fresh out of graduate school versus more experienced candidates. There is also talk about trends in the overall job market.

While some job listings are posted by organizations, many are shared by individuals who come across openings. The quality and accuracy of listings can vary, so readers are encouraged to verify details directly with the employer. Still, the forum provides a useful way to find and discuss available jobs in economics and finance. Members help each other find opportunities and figure out which roles would be the best fit.


One of the most discussed topics on EconJobRumors is salaries. Users share and compare salary information for various economics jobs and positions, especially entry-level roles like assistant professorships. There are active discussions analyzing compensation at different universities, companies, government agencies, etc.

Members interested in a particular field or role can get a good sense of the typical pay range based on aggregated, crowdsourced data. For example, there may be a thread dedicated to salaries for economics PhDs at think tanks that compiles reported offers and compensation packages. These informal surveys provide a sample of salaries that tends to be more candid and revealing than formal surveys.

Of course, salary discussions also frequently veer into debates over which fields, institutions, roles, qualifications, and backgrounds are most lucrative. Some users view certain careers or education paths as overpaid or underpaid. There are disagreements around factors that impact salary, like selectivity of graduate program, research productivity, work hours, and more. Overall, the site provides a platform for members to learn, question, and opine about academic economics salaries.

Interview Experiences

EconJobRumors users frequently share and discuss their interview experiences for various jobs and academic programs in economics. The forum serves as a platform for people to post detailed accounts of their interview processes, from initial contact to final decisions.

Users recount details like the types of technical questions asked, behavioral interview prompts given, and overall impressions of the interview dynamics. They provide insight into what qualities and qualifications different employers or academic programs emphasize and look for in candidates based on the interview focus and methods.

Some users even post their interview questions to get feedback from others on how they could have responded better. The community collectively discusses strategies for handling common interview scenarios and challenges. Experienced members who have sat on the other side of interviews before also sometimes offer perspective into evaluation criteria and decision making.

Overall, the interview experiences shared on EconJobRumors provide an invaluable resource for members to learn what to expect and how to prepare for economics-related job and academic interviews. The crowdsourced insights help demystify the interview process and give applicants confidence. The forum has become a go-to place for interview tips and shared wisdom on acing interviews in the field of economics.

Workplace Reviews

Finance professionals often turn to online communities like EconJobRumors to get the inside scoop on companies and workplaces in the industry. The site contains a wealth of reviews and ratings from employees, interns, and former staff of various financial institutions. These first-hand experiences provide valuable insights that job-seekers may not find on a company’s website or recruiting materials.

The workplace reviews cover major investment banks, hedge funds, fintech firms, insurance companies, accounting firms, regulators, academic institutions, and more. Users share details on the culture, hours, compensation, perks, leadership, and overall employee satisfaction. While some reviews are short, others provide detailed breakdowns of the pros and cons of working for a specific employer.

For example, reviews of major banks like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi, and Bank of America give a glimpse of the intense pace and demands of Wall Street. Investment banking analysts often work 80-100 hour weeks and face high pressure, but also receive large bonuses. The reviews allow readers to weigh the trade-offs of these highly-coveted but grueling jobs.

On the other hand, reviews of financial advisory and wealth management firms like Charles Schwab and Fidelity highlight somewhat better work-life balance and corporate culture, with lower stress but also lower compensation. Fintech companies and startups receive mixed reviews, with some appreciating the fast-paced innovative environments while others find the unclear advancement opportunities to be a drawback.

Beyond individual companies, the site also contains reviews of roles like equity research, sales and trading, quantitative analyst, risk management, and more. These provide helpful overviews of each job’s primary duties, skills required, and career trajectories. Overall, the authentic insights into finance workplaces equip site users to find positions aligned with their priorities and preferences. It offers an information advantage not found on traditional job search platforms.


EconJobRumors provides a forum for users to give and receive career advice related to economics jobs and academia. Users often ask for advice on topics like:

  • Deciding between job offers at different universities or organizations
  • Preparing for academic job interviews and improving research portfolios
  • Transitioning from academia to industry jobs or vice versa
  • Navigating workplace challenges like difficult advisors, teaching loads, or publishing struggles
  • Applying to Ph.D. programs and choosing an advisor
  • Developing professional skills like public speaking, writing, and networking

Experienced community members will chime in with suggestions based on their own experiences in academia and economics careers. There is often frank discussion of the pros and cons of different jobs, departments, advisors etc. Users share strategies for success, like focusing on top publications, developing good recommendation letter relationships, and targeting research for hot topics.

The advice focuses on pragmatic actions for career advancement and success. Discussions range from big picture direction like which career path to pursue, to tactical tips like email etiquette when contacting potential advisors. There is a communal spirit of helping fellow economists succeed. The advice can provide useful real-world perspective beyond official university career resources.


Econjobrumors has faced criticism over the years for issues related to racism, sexism, and overall toxicity on the forum. As an anonymous platform, it has struggled with trolling, inappropriate comments, and a lack of accountability.

Some of the controversies and issues that have emerged include:

  • Sexist comments and objectification of women, particularly female economists and students. There have been many threads that degrade women based on appearance rather than merit.

  • Racist statements and stereotypes, including hurtful comments aimed at economists of color. The anonymity makes it easy for prejudices to emerge.

  • Harassment and bullying of users, including personal attacks. Without real identities, some feel emboldened to be more vicious.

  • Lack of moderation and accountability. The hands-off approach has allowed negativity and hate to spread without oversight.

  • Elitism and arrogance, with some users belittling those from less prestigious institutions. There is intense competition and ego.

  • Overall toxic culture that detracts from meaningful discussion. The lack of basic etiquette and decency is a turn off for many.

While Econjobrumors provides useful career content, its darker elements highlight the challenges of anonymous online communities. Without proper guardrails, cruelty and discrimination can silence marginalized voices. More work is likely needed to foster healthy, constructive discussion.


The econjobrumors finance section provides a unique online community for those interested in economics, finance, and related fields to discuss job opportunities. While it can offer helpful insights, the anonymity also leads to unverified claims and questionable advice at times.

Overall, the finance section serves as an interesting space for sharing job listings, salary data, interview experiences, company reviews, and career advice. However, readers should take some claims with a grain of salt and do their own additional research. Verifying information through multiple sources is advised.

The site reflects both the benefits and pitfalls of anonymous online forums. The finance section provides a place for open conversations that may be difficult elsewhere, but also enables spreading of misinformation. As with any online discussion site, critical thinking on the reliability of claims is important.

In conclusion, econjobrumors’ finance section offers a fascinating look into the economics and finance fields. It provides an immense amount of user-generated content, but readers must be cautious of unverified information. Approaching the site with an open yet skeptical mindset allows one to glean useful insights on jobs and careers, while identifying questionable claims. Overall, the site provides a unique if imperfect space for those interested in these competitive industries.

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