Facebook Auto Approval Groups: The Ultimate List to Grow Your Following Fast

Facebook groups have become an immensely popular way for people to connect and share information on specific topics and interests. One type of Facebook group that has emerged are “auto approval” group. As the name suggests, these are groups where membership requests are automatically approved, usually within seconds.

Auto approval Facebook groups provide an easy and instant way for people to join groups en masse. Once a request is made, the user immediately becomes part of the group without any review or approval needed by a group admin. This allows groups to grow their membership counts quickly.

The main benefit of auto approval groups is convenience. For group members, they can easily and instantly join groups that interest them without waiting for admin approval. For group creators, it provides a way to build up their group membership without having to manually approve each request.

However, there are some drawbacks to auto approval groups as well. The lack of oversight means that spammers, scammers and other bad actors can easily join groups in mass. This can lead to spam postings and other disruptive behavior without admins being able to screen members. The quality of groups and discussions can suffer due to lack of moderation.

Auto approval groups provide a double-edged sword of ease-of-use on the one hand, and potential for abuse on the other. Group creators need to consider these trade-offs when deciding whether to enable auto approval settings for their groups. Overall, these types of instantly-joinable groups have become quite popular as people seek ways to easily connect and share with specific niche communities.

Types of Auto Approval Groups

On Facebook, there are several types of auto approval groups that people join for different interests and purposes:

  • Hobby Groups – These are groups centered around specific hobbies or activities like sports, gaming, arts & crafts, cars, photography, etc. They auto-approve members who share the same passion.

  • Profession Groups – Groups for people in the same profession or industry like teachers, nurses, business owners, marketers etc. Members are auto-approved if they work in the field.

  • Location-Based Groups – These groups are for people living in a certain city, state or country. They help connect local communities. Members are auto-approved if they live in the area.

  • Fan Groups – Auto-approval groups for fans of movies, TV shows, books, celebrities, brands etc. People are approved if they like the same fandom.

  • Interest Groups – For those who share interests like parenting, health & fitness, personal finance, home improvement etc. Members are approved based on their interests.

  • Identity Groups – Groups that unite people around identities like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability etc. and provide safe spaces.

  • Affiliation Groups – For alumni, employees, members of organizations like nonprofits, religious groups etc. They auto-approve people connected to them.

So in summary, the main types of auto-approval groups are based on shared hobbies, professions, locations, fandoms, interests, identities, or affiliations. The common thread is members get automatically approved because they have something fundamental in common.

Most Popular Auto Approval Groups

One of the main benefits of auto-approval Facebook groups is gaining access to large audiences quickly. Some groups have massive member counts in the millions, allowing you to get your posts, comments, and links seen by many people with just a click.

While there are tons of niche-specific auto approval groups, here are some of the biggest and most active general groups on Facebook today:

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners: With over 1.3 million members, this group aims to connect entrepreneurs and business owners for networking, collaborations, and growth. People frequently share business tips, marketing strategies, funding opportunities, and more.

  • Online Money Makers: This group has over 800,000 members interested in making money online through various methods like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, blogging, social media growth, and more. There is a constant stream of people promoting their products, services, and opportunities.

  • Work From Home: Boasting 650,000+ members, this group brings together remote workers and those looking to earn an income from home. Users exchange useful resources regarding freelancing, virtual assistant services, coaching programs, and related topics.

  • Make Money Online: Having crossed 500,000 members, this popular group focuses on different ways to make money online. People share methods, ask for feedback, promote offers, and connect with each other.

  • Online Entrepreneurs: With over 400,000 members, this active group attracts digital entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, and creators. The feed features advice, tips, strategies, and recommendations on growing an online business.

These massive, active groups demonstrate the power of auto-approval. Posting in them gives your content instant exposure to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people for free. Just be sure to share valuable insights and not spammy promotions.

How to Find Auto Approval Groups

When looking to join new Facebook auto-approval groups, there are a few techniques you can use to efficiently find options that match your interests and needs.

Search Facebook

The easiest way to find Facebook groups is simply searching on Facebook itself. Use relevant keywords and phrases like “auto approval”, “instant approval”, “no questions asked”, along with your topic or interest area. This will pull up groups that match your search terms.

Browse through the results, looking at each group’s name, description and rules to determine if it seems to be an auto approval group. You can also sort results by categories like Groups You’ve Joined, New Groups and Most Members to prioritize active groups.

Check Group Recommendations

Another way to find groups is looking at the recommendations Facebook provides based on your interests and profile. Go to the Groups section and view the suggestions for You May Be Interested In. This is a quick way to discover active auto approval groups that align with your interests.

Look at Similar Groups

When you find one auto approval group you like, check the Similar Groups section to find related options. Since auto approval groups often have overlapping members and topics, this is an easy way to find more groups with instant approval.

Follow Invitations

Keep an eye on group invites you receive, both in your notifications and in the Group Invites section under Groups. People often invite those with similar interests to join new groups, so accept invitations that are relevant to you.

Check Group Directories

There are various group directories online that aggregate and categorize Facebook groups, making it easy to filter and find auto approval groups around specific topics. These directories compile groups that are publicly visible, so you can browse and preview before joining.

Ask for Recommendations

If you have friends or connections who are in auto approval groups, ask them for recommendations. They can suggest quality groups that are relevant to you, often groups you may not find on your own. This personal referral can be a great way to join new instant approval communities.

By using these techniques – searching Facebook, checking recommendations, browsing similar groups, following invites, using directories, and asking friends – you’re sure to discover great new auto approval groups tailored to your needs and interests. Track down a variety of options, preview the groups, and then join those that seem most appealing to you.

Joining Auto Approval Groups

Joining auto approval Facebook groups is easy, you simply need to find and request to join groups that match your interests. Here’s a step-by-step guide to joining auto approval groups:

  • Search for relevant groups using keywords related to your interests, hobbies or business. You can search on Facebook itself or use Google. 
  • Look for groups that mention “auto approval” or “auto accept” in the description. This indicates the group automatically approves join requests.
  • Read the group description and rules before requesting to join, so you understand the purpose and etiquette. 
  • Click the “Join Group” button and your request will be automatically accepted within seconds. No need to wait for admin approval.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 to join multiple relevant auto approval groups. There is no limit, so you can join as many as you like.
  • Once you’ve joined, check the group notification settings. Customize notifications so you’re updated when there is activity in the groups.
  • If you have trouble finding relevant groups, try searching for broader topics then narrow down from there. Or search using keywords for your specific interests.
  • Make sure your Facebook profile represents you accurately before joining groups. This gives a good first impression. 
  • Be an engaged, contributing group member. Post relevantly, comment with value, follow rules and build connections.

The main requirements are finding groups relevant to your interests that have auto approval enabled. It only takes a few seconds to join each one. Joining numerous groups expands your audience and connections on Facebook.

Participating in Auto Approval Groups

Once you’ve joined some auto approval Facebook groups, it’s important to actively participate to get the most value from them. Here are some tips:

  • Comment on other people’s posts – Leave thoughtful and engaging comments to start conversations. Avoid spammy or promotional comments.
  • Share your own content – Post your own links, images, videos, etc. Ensure your posts align with the group’s rules and provide value to the members.
  • Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn from the group. You can pick members’ brains for insights.
  • Answer questions – If you have expertise to share, answer other members’ questions. This builds authority and trust within the group.
  • Join the conversations – Participate in active discussions by offering your perspective. Share personal experiences when relevant.  
  • Be helpful – Look for ways to assist other members and add to the group’s collective knowledge.
  • Follow group rules – Carefully abide by the group’s policies to avoid having your posts deleted or being removed.
  • Engage regularly – Aim for consistent, active participation instead of just sporadic posts. Become a familiar face.
  • Build relationships – Get to know other members by engaging with them regularly. These relationships can become valuable.
  • Provide feedback – Give thoughtful critiques and reviews when members request feedback.
  • Share group updates – Keep other members informed of relevant news pertaining to the group and its focus.

With consistent, value-driven participation, you can thrive in auto approval Facebook groups and form strong connections. Just be sure your engagement is helpful and contributes to the community.

Creating Your Own Auto Approval Group

Creating your own auto approval Facebook group can be a great way to quickly grow your audience and network. Here are some tips on how to create and configure your own auto approval group on Facebook:

1: Create the Group

  • Go to Facebook and click on the “Groups” tab in the left menu. 
  • Click on “Create New Group” and choose the group type as “Public” or “Private”, depending on your preferences.
  • Give your group a name and description. For an auto approval group, include something like “Auto Approval” or “Instant Approval” in the name.
  • Upload a cover photo and icon that represents your group.
  • Click “Create” to make the group live.

2: Enable Auto Approval 

  • Go to your new group’s About page and click “Edit Group Settings”
  • Scroll down and enable “Membership Approval” by choosing “Automatically approve all member requests”
  • Save the settings. This will now auto approve all requests.

3: Promote Your Group

  • Share the group link with your existing network and invite them to join.
  • Post the group link in relevant Facebook groups and forums to attract new members.
  • Create an eye-catching post for your group’s feed introducing new members to the group.
  • Engage with new members by commenting, liking their posts, and making them feel welcome.

4: Set Group Rules

  • Go to Settings > Edit Group Settings
  • Add a clear set of rules for members under “Description”.
  • Rules should cover content policies, post frequency limits, contributing value, etc.
  • Update members as your group grows.

With the right promotion and engagement, your auto approval group can quickly gain new members. Monitor growth and enhance the member experience as needed.

Managing and Moderating Groups

As the admin of an auto approval Facebook group, it’s important to properly manage and moderate the group to keep it useful and successful. Here are some best practices:

  • Set clear rules: Have a pinned post that outlines the group’s purpose, topic focus, posting guidelines, and rules. This helps set expectations for members.
  • Appoint moderators: Don’t try to manage everything yourself. Appoint some trustworthy members as moderators to help approve posts, comments, and members.
  • Moderate actively: Check in daily to review pending posts/comments and approve members. This keeps the flow of interactions smooth. 
  • Prune as needed: Remove off-topic, spammy, or inappropriate content to keep the group on track. Warn or remove members who repeatedly violate the rules.  
  • Engage with members: Welcome new members, answer questions, and participate in discussions. This fosters a positive community.
  • Limit promotions: Set rules about self-promotion and sales posts to prevent oversaturation. Consider having a dedicated thread for members to share business links.
  • Watch for scams: Be vigilant about fake accounts trying to scam members. Ban them immediately. 
  • Post consistently: Share interesting content yourself regularly to keep the group active. Encourage members to post quality content too.
  • Listen to feedback: Keep an eye on comments and member satisfaction. Adjust moderation and rules if needed.

With proactive moderation and member engagement, your auto approval group can thrive as a valuable community for all.

Pros and Cons of Auto Approval Facebook Groups 

Joining auto approval Facebook groups comes with both advantages and drawbacks that users should consider. 


  • Gets more visibility for your posts and increased engagement. Since everyone gets approved, your posts will be seen by all members without delay. This can lead to more likes, comments, and shares.
  • Gain followers and connections. You can connect with many people interested in your niche when joining relevant auto approval groups. This helps grow your network.
  • Stay on top of trends and news. These groups make it easy to follow latest updates and what’s popular in your industry. You see posts from many users in one place.
  • Promote your brand and products. Auto approval groups allow you to easily share your content, websites, and products to targeted audiences.
  • No waiting for admin approval. You can join and start posting right away without having to wait for admin approval.


  • Spam risk is higher. Since there’s no admin approval, some groups attract spammers and low-quality content. This can clutter your feed.
  • Difficult to moderate. It’s challenging to keep auto approval groups high quality since anyone can join and post freely. Poor content and spam can take over without diligent moderation.
  • Less engaged members. Some members may join simply to post their links without interacting with others. This reduces meaningful conversations.
  • Visibility depends on activity level. If you don’t post consistently, your content may get buried quickly by incoming posts. Staying active takes more effort.
  • Harder to find niche groups. Broader topics tend to dominate auto approval groups. Narrow or niche groups still often require approval.

Overall, auto approval groups provide easy exposure but require participation and promotion to fully benefit. They work best for broad topics where spam risks can be managed. Niche groups may still need approval systems to maintain relevancy.


Auto approval Facebook groups can be a useful tool for growing your network and increasing engagement, but they should be used selectively. Here are some final thoughts on getting the most out of auto approval groups:

  • Be selective about which groups you join. Join groups that are relevant to your interests and niche. Avoid spammy groups or groups with minimal engagement.
  • Contribute valuable insights and start discussions. Don’t just spam links or post irrelevant content. Engage with other members and build connections.
  • Check group rules and etiquette. Follow any posting guidelines and don’t spam the group with excessive posts. 
  • Leverage groups to expand your reach. Share your content in relevant groups to find new audiences. But provide value to the group, not just promotion.
  • Monitor your analytics. See which groups drive the most traffic and engagement for your account. Adjust your group participation accordingly.
  • Create your own group if there’s a need. Starting your own targeted auto approval group around your brand or niche can be beneficial. 
  • Be wary of fake accounts and engagement. Some groups may have inflated numbers with fake members. Focus on quality connections.
  • Don’t rely solely on groups for growth. Use groups to supplement your overall social media strategy, but also focus on creating great content.

In summary, auto-approval groups can connect you with targeted audiences if used properly. But always provide value, foster genuine engagement, and focus on quality over quantity.

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