How The American College of Education Helps Working Adults Earn Degrees

The American College of Education (ACE) is a distinguished online university offering high-quality degree programs for educators. Founded in 2005, ACE focuses on providing flexible and affordable learning for working adults seeking to advance their careers.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, ACE offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees fully online. ACE’s mission is to provide academic programs centered on excellence, leadership, innovation, and social responsibility.

Key facts about ACE:

  • Founded in 2005 in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Specializes in online education degrees and certificates
  • Over 2,000 students enrolled (as of 2022)
  • Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission
  • Offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs
  • Ranked among best online colleges by U.S. News & World Report

ACE has earned a reputation as a leading online college for teachers by fostering a supportive community while upholding rigorous curriculum standards. Students benefit from flexible online learning and develop skills for career advancement in education.


American College of Education (ACE) was founded in 2005 by Dr. Shawntel Landry and several American educators. Their goal was to create an accessible distance learning program for educators to obtain Master’s and Doctoral degrees, initially focusing on educational administration and leadership. The founders believed that advanced educational degrees should be attainable for working professionals through flexible and affordable online courses.

From its inception, ACE aimed to serve underrepresented populations and empower educators from all backgrounds to advance their careers. The college was officially recognized by the state of Indiana in 2006 and was granted accreditation in 2008 by the Higher Learning Commission. ACE started with just 23 students but experienced rapid growth over the years. By 2012, the college had enrolled over 2,000 students and launched several new online degree programs.

Today, ACE continues its founding mission of providing affordable, flexible education for educators and other professionals. The college now offers over 20 degree and certificate programs fully online. With its student-centered approach and commitment to diversity, ACE has become a top choice for online education nationwide.


The American College of Education offers a wide variety of degree programs and areas of study, with a focus on online education. ACE offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs across the fields of business, education, healthcare, leadership, and technology.

The college is best known for its online education degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Master of Education, EdD in Leadership and Learning, and numerous teacher certification programs. These programs allow aspiring and current teachers and administrators to advance their careers and earn degrees remotely.

Other popular online programs include the RN to BSN in Nursing, MBA in Business Administration, Master of Healthcare Administration, and graduate certificates in areas like curriculum development, special education, and educational technology.

While ACE focuses on distance learning, they do offer limited in-person and hybrid options at their main campus in Indianapolis. For example, education students can complete field experiences and student teaching locally.

Overall, ACE aims to provide flexible and affordable degrees to working professionals seeking career advancement. Their online programs allow students to study at their own pace while continuing work and family commitments. With over 20 online programs across high-demand fields, the American College of Education strives to meet the diverse academic needs of their students.


The American College of Education employs over 300 full-time and part-time faculty members across its campuses. The student-to-faculty ratio is an impressive 8:1, allowing for robust interaction and mentorship.

Some of the most distinguished professors at The American College of Education include:

  • Dr. Susan Johnson, Professor of Elementary Education. Dr. Johnson has over 20 years of K-12 teaching experience and has published extensively on literacy instruction and curriculum design. She leads the college’s literacy education program.

  • Dr. Mark Greene, Professor of Educational Technology. Dr. Greene pioneered the college’s online education programs and heads the educational technology department. He has received numerous awards for teaching excellence.

  • Dr. Rebecca Lee, Professor of Special Education. Dr. Lee is a leading expert in special education policy and inclusive practices. She advises graduate students in the special education master’s program.

  • Dr. Brian Rogers, Assistant Professor of Secondary Education. Dr. Rogers focuses on mathematics and science education at the middle and high school levels. His research on STEM education has been published in flagship education journals.

The faculty at The American College of Education are passionate educators and researchers committed to preparing the next generation of teachers and school leaders. Their expertise across all areas of education contributes to the college’s national reputation and impact.

Student Life

The American College of Education has a vibrant and diverse student body. The college enrolls over 8,000 students, the majority of whom are enrolled in online graduate degree programs. While ACE does not have traditional on-campus housing, there are still plenty of opportunities for students to get involved and connect.

ACE has over 25 student organizations and clubs ranging from professional associations like the Student Nursing Association to social clubs like the International Students Association. These organizations allow online students to connect over shared interests and goals. The college also hosts several on-campus events throughout the year like professional development workshops, speaker series, and networking events.

The online platforms like email, chat rooms, and message boards facilitate interaction and collaboration among ACE’s geographically dispersed student body. Many courses also incorporate group projects and peer-to-peer learning components. The college utilizes cutting-edge technology to cultivate community and replicate the on-campus experience for online learners.

ACE students are extremely diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, and professional background. This diversity enriches the student experience and allows for valuable cross-cultural exchange and mentorship. The college’s flexible online programs attract working professionals, career changers, military servicemembers, and international students from over 100 countries. This unique mix of perspectives enhances learning and prepares students for today’s globalized workforce.

Overall, ACE provides online students with ample opportunities to engage with peers, participate in enriching activities, and feel part of a vibrant college community. The college leverages technology to foster meaningful connections and networks that support learning, professional growth, and student success.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition and fees for attending American College of Education vary depending on the program. On average, undergraduate students pay around $470 per credit hour while graduate students pay around $650 per credit hour.

ACE offers several options to help students finance their education. All students are eligible for federal financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study opportunities. The school also provides scholarships and other awards to qualifying students. Some of the scholarships offered include:

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship: This merit-based scholarship is awarded to incoming undergraduate students who had a minimum 3.0 GPA in high school. It covers up to $2,000 per year.
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship: Transfer students who were members of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society can get up to $2,500 per year with this award. 
  • Military Scholarship: Designed for active duty, veterans, and military spouses. This scholarship covers 35% of tuition costs. 
  • Corporate Partnership Scholarship: Awarded to employees of ACE’s corporate partners. Amount varies based on the employer.
  • Graduate Studies Scholarship: For students in graduate programs, this scholarship covers 20% of tuition. Applicants must have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA.


The American College of Education is a private online college that aims to make higher education more accessible and affordable through its online programs. Founded in 2005 in Indiana, ACE has grown to enroll several thousand students across all 50 states in its education-focused programs. 

ACE offers accredited bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in education, as well as teaching certificates. All programs are delivered fully online through its learning management system. Students praise the flexible scheduling and self-paced coursework that allows them to balance their education with work and family responsibilities.

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