Scrubber Making Machine, How To Start Dish Washing Scrubber Business

Scrubber Making Machine, How To Start Dish Washing Scrubber Business

Friends, if you are born poor, it is not your fault, but if you die in poverty, it is entirely your fault.How To Start Dish Washing Scrubber Business

Currently, there are 2,228 billionaires in the world. None of them are successful in a day. Or who has earned wealth by working. Or who succeeded without failures. Of course, there will be no one. If you do some business today with hard work, dedication and smart way, you too will join the list of billionaires one day. Comment InshaAllah will definitely write in the box.

Friends, if you have only 1 pair of scissors, then I will tell you about a business which can give you a lot of profit. Not at all. This is a business whose products are imported from China. But you can sell them by making the products with scissors. This business is also great for women.

Friends, today’s great business, you guys must be watching on your screen. You guys have to do scrubber business.

Scrubbers are used in every household in Pakistan. They are found in every street and every shop. Be it a small shopping store or a big one, you will find them everywhere. But the surprising thing is that no one is producing it in Pakistan. That is, if you start this business, there is no competitor in the market. In Pakistan, these products are being imported from China.

Dish Washing Scrubber Business

So friends, if China is selling scrubbers in our market. So why can’t we make and sell it in our country?

If you want to do this business on a large scale, you will have to order this scrubber in the form of large rolls or tins from China. And if you want to order in small pieces then it will also be available in bulk. Apart from this you will also get it from Shalmi and Papr Mandi Lahore. You should order a large roll or sheet and cut it with the help of a cutting machine and seal it by making scrubbers of different sizes and designs.

But if you want to do this business on a small scale, take a pair of scissors or a blade. With their help, cut the roll and shape it into a scrubber. Your scrubber is ready.

There are two types of scrubbers. One plain and one spinach. You can make both types of scrubbers – for foam scrubbers you just need to buy foam. And it will have to be cut to the size of a scrubber and glued with magic bound. You can pack the simple scrubber in a simple white wrapper. As they usually are.

Scrubber Making Machine

Now let’s talk about the cost. The plain scrubber is ready for Rs.8 and the foam one for Rs.10. And its price in the market is 20 to 25 rupees. Means you can get a margin of 8 to 10 rupees on a scrubber.

The last step is the cell. This is a product that is in demand everywhere. You can start from your locality. Can target small and large stores. Restaurants can target rents. Wherever there is demand for this product, contact yourself. And make your place in the market. And gradually become a market requirement. Inshallah, the day will not be far when your products will be talked about everywhere.

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