Price Of Pasta Maker In Pakistan l Noodles Making Machine l Pasta Machine

Price Of Pasta Maker In Pakistan-Pasta Making Machine Price-Noodles Making Machine l Pasta Machine

Pasta Making Machine

Friends, who says that business is not possible with little money. Today I will tell you a business that starts with just 5 thousand. If you do this business with good intentions and hard work, you can convert these 5 thousand to 5 lakh.

Friends, as long as man lives, three businesses will not fall. Today’s business idea is also one of them. Very few people know about this business, if you do this business, you will surely become rich in days.

The machine with which this business will start will now be available from Pakistan. You will not need to import from China. In the same video, the contact number of the machine seller will also be shared with you.

Friends, we work very hard to make videos for you guys. Please encourage us. The way is first to like the video and then press the red button below to do business with family. Become a part. Now let’s go to business. Friends, this business is to make pasta. Pasta is almost a new product in Pakistan. People know it but very few. There is a trend in big cities, but it is negligible. Lahza is an opportunity now. If you start this business now, you will be successful soon.

Guys, making pasta is not rocket science. Add eggs to the flour and then knead it. After kneading, keep it for 30 minutes so that it becomes uniform. Then put it in the machine. The machine will give it a pasta shape. Then keep it to dry for some time. Your pasta is ready.

Price Of Pasta Maker In Pakistan l Noodles Making Machine l Pasta Machine Now let’s talk about packing. For this, you should get a zipped packet from the market and pack the pasta in it. If you don’t want to bring zipped packets, you can bring your own brand of plastic shopper bags and a sealer machine which will get you 2,000 to 25,000. Pack the pasta in these packets and sell them in the market. If we talk about the price of pasta making machine, then you will get it only for 5 thousand. To pick up the machine you can contact the seller’s number given on the screen.

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