5 Must-Know Finance Updates You Can’t Afford to Miss


The finance global economy is experiencing a mixed outlook, with some regions showing signs of recovery while others face ongoing challenges. The United States and several European nations have seen steady GDP growth, driven by robust consumer spending and business investment. However, inflation rates have risen sharply, prompting central banks to raise interest rates aggressively. … Read more

The Disturbing Posts on Ejmr Finance Most Notorious Forum


The Economics Job Market Rumors forum, commonly known as EJMR Finance, is an anonymous online message board started in 2006 for discussions related to the academic economics job market. The forum allows users to post rumors, gossip, news, and opinions about economics departments, professors, journals, and the hiring process. EJMR has become both popular and … Read more

EJMR Exposed: The Ugly Underbelly of Academic Finance


EconJobRumors (EJMR) is an economics job market discussion board that has been active since around 2004. It is one of the largest online forums for academics in economics to discuss research, gossip, jobs, conferences, and other topics related to the profession. The site is controversial due to its anonymous nature, unmoderated discussions, and reputation for … Read more