Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2024 – Complete Guide

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Pakistan, with over 36 million monthly active users as of 2020. The platform’s massive reach and high engagement rates present lucrative opportunities for Pakistani individuals and businesses to monetize their presence on Facebook.

There are several ways that Pakistanis can earn money directly through Facebook. These include Facebook advertising, Facebook Marketplace, monetizing Facebook gaming and live videos, creating Facebook fan pages, Facebook groups, events and fundraisers, selling products directly, and more. Each of these methods allows users to leverage Facebook’s large audience in Pakistan to generate income.

In this article, we will explore the top monetization strategies available for Pakistani users and businesses on Facebook today. Whether you have a personal profile, a community page, an e-commerce business, or any other presence on Facebook, there are options to turn your audience and content into profit. The platform provides versatile tools to match diverse goals and skill sets when it comes to making money.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most popular ways for businesses and individuals in Pakistan to monetize Facebook. Here’s an overview of Facebook ad options and costs for Pakistani audiences:

Ad Types

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats including image ads, video ads, carousels, and more. Each format allows for different options for creativity and engagement:

  • Image ads – Single static image. Can include a headline, text, and link. Good for promoting products, events, offers, etc.

  • Video ads – Short video clips up to 240 minutes. Can include subtitles and a link. Good for demonstrating products, telling a brand story, etc.

  • Carousel ads – Multiple images or videos that users can horizontally scroll through. Good for showcasing multiple products, offers, etc.

  • Stories ads – Full-screen vertical format ads similar to ads in Instagram Stories.

Ad Targeting

Facebook offers detailed targeting capabilities to reach specific audiences in Pakistan:

  • Location – Target ads to specific cities, states, or regions of Pakistan.

  • Demographics – Target ads based on age, gender, language, education level, relationship status, and more.

  • Interests – Target ads to users based on their interests, hobbies, pages they have liked, and groups they have joined. Helpful for verticals like fashion, sports, technology, etc.

  • Behaviors – Target users based on purchase behaviors, intents, and business roles. Helpful for ecommerce or B2B marketing.


The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads in Pakistan ranges from $0.30 – $0.60. The average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) ranges from $2.80 – $8.00. Exact costs depend on factors like targeting, ad quality, and competitiveness of the niche. With optimized targeting and testing, Facebook ads can generate conversions cost-effectively in Pakistan.

Using Facebook Marketplace to Buy and Sell in Pakistan

Facebook Marketplace allows people in Pakistan to buy and sell products or services locally. Here are some tips for setting up and using Facebook Marketplace in Pakistan:

  • Make sure your Facebook profile is complete. Add a profile and cover photo, fill out your bio, and verify your identity to increase trust.

  • Take clear photos of your items against a clean background. Write detailed descriptions of what you’re selling, including any flaws.

  • Price items competitively based on what similar items sell for on Marketplace. Research prices for your local area.

  • Locate your items for sale in the correct region or city to reach local buyers.

  • Respond promptly to inquiries and negotiate politely. Set up meetups in safe public places or offer secure delivery options.

  • Accept payments via bank transfer or cash on delivery to avoid scams. Never send items without first receiving payment.

  • Leave reviews of buyers and sellers to build your reputation. Be honest and descriptive in reviews.

  • Share your Marketplace listings in relevant local Facebook groups and pages to gain more exposure.

  • Refresh your listings frequently to keep them at the top of search results. Mark sold items so they don’t stay listed.

  • Provide excellent customer service and fast shipping to cultivate repeat customers.

With some effort, Facebook Marketplace can be a great platform for buying and selling goods locally in Pakistan. Maintaining an active shop with quality listings and service can earn you a nice side income.

Monetizing Facebook Gaming and Live Videos in Pakistan

Facebook Gaming and live streaming present new opportunities for content creators in Pakistan to earn money by building an audience and monetizing their content. Here are some of the ways creators can monetize gaming live streams and videos on Facebook:

Facebook Gaming Creator Program

The Facebook Gaming Creator Program allows eligible gaming creators to earn money from their live streams and on-demand videos on Facebook. To qualify, creators need at least 100 followers and need to stream at least 4 hours of gaming content over 2 of the last 60 days. There are various monetization options, including ad revenue share from mid-roll ads and fan subscriptions.

Facebook Stars

Fans can support their favorite gaming creators by giving virtual gifts called Stars during live streams. Fans purchase Stars and creators earn money from them. Stars payouts are handled directly through Facebook.

Ad Revenue

Facebook places ads within and alongside gaming videos. When viewers watch these ads, creators can earn a share of the ad revenue. Video ads play before, during, and after on-demand videos.


Popular gaming creators can earn money through sponsorships from brands relevant to gaming. Sponsorships may include promoting products, customized brand integrations, giveaways, and more.

Facebook Fan Subscriptions

Fans can pay a monthly recurring fee to subscribe to creators they want to support. Creators earn a portion of the subscription fee.

Facebook Stars Challenges

Facebook Stars Challenges allow creators to earn bonus payouts for hitting certain milestones like a number of stars received or hours streamed. Fans support their favorite creators by giving stars and boosting them to hit milestones.

While Facebook gaming and live video present monetization opportunities, creators in Pakistan may face challenges like smaller audiences compared to more established markets, higher costs of equipment, and building consistency. But with dedication and high-quality, interactive content, Pakistani gaming creators can build an audience and earn money on Facebook.

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are an excellent way for Pakistani businesses and influencers to build their brand and engage with their target audience. With over 40 million Facebook users in Pakistan, creating a Facebook page allows you to connect with a huge potential customer base.

The key to success with Facebook pages is to regularly publish engaging content that provides value to your followers. Post updates showcasing your products/services, share helpful tips or tutorials, or behind-the-scenes photos to give followers a glimpse into your brand. You can also go live or use Stories to interact with followers in real-time.

To build your audience, utilize Facebook advertising to promote your page and posts. Target your ads locationally to reach users in Pakistan. Create special offers or discounts to incentivize follows. Run contests and giveaways awarding prizes to top fans.

Once you have an established group of followers, focus on converting them into customers. Share shoppable posts tagging products so followers can easily purchase. Use Messenger integration to answer questions and guide users through the sales process. Insert Calls-To-Action into your page prompting fans to shop now.

The key metrics to track are:

  • Page followers/likes growth
  • Engagement rate on posts (likes, shares, comments)
  • Clicks/traffic from posts to your site
  • Conversions from page followers into customers

By optimizing your Facebook presence you can effectively promote your brand, engage with your audience, and monetize your Pakistani following.

Leveraging Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an excellent way for Pakistanis to connect with others who share their interests and monetize that audience. By creating national or local groups focused on specific niches, you can attract an engaged audience that is ripe for monetization.

Some ways to monetize Facebook groups include:

  • Enabling ads within the group. As the admin, you can activate ads and earn ad revenue. The more active and engaged your group members, the more potential ad earnings.

  • Charging a small monthly or annual membership fee. For special interest groups that offer exclusivity, creating a “pro” tier with additional benefits like special content and direct access to the admin can entice members to pay.

  • Affiliate marketing through product recommendations. If your group is focused on a specific niche like beauty, fitness or parenting, recommending affiliate products relevant to your audience can generate commissions.

  • Selling your own products or services, or those from Pakistani brands. Groups centered around your own expertise like photography or cooking are great for marketing products directly to engaged followers.

  • Offering paid online events, trainings or consultations. Livestreams, webinars, and one-on-one consulting sessions are attractive paid offerings for specialized groups.

The key is building a Pakistani community around meaningful topics and interactions. Once you have an active, loyal audience, there are ample ways to monetize through advertising, memberships, affiliate programs and more. With a strategic approach, Facebook groups can become lucrative businesses.

Leveraging Facebook Events

Facebook Events allow users in Pakistan to create and promote online events to engage with their target audience. This presents an excellent monetization opportunity by hosting paid online events like workshops, classes, or meetups.

With Facebook Events, organizers can set up ticketing and collect payments seamlessly within Facebook. They can promote the event to reach interested users and drive registrations.

Some ways to monetize with Facebook Events in Pakistan include:

  • Hosting paid webinars or online workshops. These could be on topics like social media marketing, finance, health and wellness, cooking classes etc. Organizers can charge ticket fees and earn direct revenue.

  • Conducting online training programs. For example, designers or coders can create multi-session paid courses to teach their skills.

  • Organizing virtual conferences with multiple speakers and sessions. These events can attract niche audiences willing to pay for exclusive content and networking.

  • Live streaming exclusive performances or talks. Musicians, comedians, inspirational speakers etc. can broadcast to fan bases.

  • Facilitating paid networking or mixer events for professionals and communities. These help participants connect virtually.

The key is providing high quality content and an engaging user experience worth the ticket price. With strategic promotion, organic and paid, organizers can successfully monetize events and establish recurring revenue channels.

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook’s fundraising tools provide a great opportunity for nonprofits, charities, and causes in Pakistan to raise money and spread awareness. With over 37 million Facebook users in the country, fundraisers can reach a huge audience.

Some tips for creating successful Facebook fundraisers in Pakistan:

  • Focus on clear, concise language – Explain your cause and what donations will go towards in simple terms to engage readers. Urdu can be used along with English.

  • Leverage photos and videos – Visual content gets much higher engagement on Facebook. Post photos of your charity’s work and videos explaining the impact donations can make.

  • Share personal stories – Let donors connect with who their money is helping by sharing stories and profiles of the people or communities aided by your nonprofit.

  • Time campaigns around holidays or events – Tie fundraisers to relevant cultural events, awareness days or disaster relief to drive higher response.

  • Thank all donors – Personally thanking donors, even with a social media shoutout or photo, makes people feel appreciated and willing to give again.

  • Track analytics – Use Facebook’s analytics to see what posts and messages drew the most donations to optimize future fundraisers.

With the right strategy, Pakistani nonprofits can leverage Facebook’s tools and wide user base for successful online fundraising. A compelling call-to-action and showing donors their impact are key.

Selling Products Directly

Facebook Shops allow businesses in Pakistan to easily set up an online store on Facebook. This makes it easy for people to browse and purchase products directly within Facebook and Instagram without leaving the app.

To get started with Facebook Shops in Pakistan, you first need to create a Facebook Business Page and Instagram business profile. You can then add your product catalogs with product images, pricing, inventory etc. Customers can browse the catalogs, save products they like, and proceed to checkout.

Facebook has partnered with several payment providers in Pakistan like JazzCash, EasyPaisa, UPaisa etc. This allows you to accept payments securely without complex integrations. Once an order is placed, you will need to arrange fulfillment and delivery.

For delivery, you can leverage third-party logistics (3PL) providers like TCS or Leopards Courier. They can pick up orders from your location and deliver to customers across Pakistan. Based on delivery timelines, keep customers updated with order tracking information.

Alternatively, you can handle fulfillment and delivery on your own if you have limited products or only deliver locally. Offer customers the option to pick up orders directly from your retail outlet if feasible.

Proper inventory management is crucial when selling directly on Facebook Shops. Keep track of product availability in real-time. If an item is out of stock, remove it from your Facebook catalog until it’s available again to avoid overselling.

With Facebook Shops, small businesses and individual sellers in Pakistan can quickly set up an ecommerce storefront and tap into Facebook’s huge user base for sales. By focusing on solid fulfillment and delivery operations, you can successfully sell your products directly.


Facebook offers various opportunities for individuals and businesses in Pakistan to monetize the platform and earn money. Some of the key ways to make money on Facebook in Pakistan include:

Facebook Advertising

This allows businesses to target Facebook users in Pakistan based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics. Advertising works well for ecommerce stores, local businesses, bloggers, and more.

Facebook Marketplace

Users can post new and used items for sale directly to their local community. Marketplace is popular for cars, properties, mobile phones, fashion items, and more.

Facebook Gaming and Live Videos

Creators in Pakistan can earn money from their gaming streams, fan subscriptions, and donations during live videos. This works for casual gamers all the way up to professional streamers.

Facebook Fan Pages

Building an audience around a brand, business, blog, celebrity, or interest. Monetize the page through advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and selling merchandise.

Facebook Groups

Active niche groups can offer paid access to premium content. Group admins can also work with brands relevant to the group for sponsorships.

Facebook Events

Selling tickets to local in-person events. Could be seminars, concerts, conferences, meetups, and more.

Facebook Fundraisers

Crowdfunding campaigns for nonprofits, social causes, individuals in need, and charities. Leverage your network to raise funds.

Selling Products Directly

Businesses can add a shop section to sell physical products directly on their Facebook page. Good for ecommerce brands targeting Pakistan.

For those looking to get started with monetizing Facebook in Pakistan, it’s important to thoroughly research the options, understand Facebook’s policies and limitations, and start small while testing different approaches.

Useful resources include Facebook’s help articles, joining communities of Pakistani creators and marketers, and seeking guidance from those already finding success on the platform. With experimentation and persistence, Facebook can become a revenue stream for many individuals and organizations in the country.

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