Jelly Candy Making Machine

Jelly Candy Making Machine ll Jelly Candy Business Idea

Jelly Candy Making Machine ll Jelly Candy Business Idea Friends, today I have come up with a very great business that you can start from your home. No long-term investment will be required for this Jelly Candy Making Machine ll Jelly Candy Business Idea.

You can start this business with a very low budget. Women, men and students can easily start this business as it is easy and cheap. You don’t need a long project or much labor for this work – you can start this business from home and take it to a high level.

Friends, today’s business is to make jelly candy.

Jelly candies are products that children love to eat. And any product specially designed for children. Its demand is very high. You don’t need any machine to make jelly candy. And you can easily prepare it from your home. How to make it. Let’s see how you make it.

For this, I am telling you the recipe

for making a pow jelly candy and you can make less or more according to your own calculations. You have to take 150 grams of water in a pot and put it on the stove to cook in it You have to add 100 grams of sugar and cook it have to prepare syrup. When the juice is cooked well. Strings started forming in it. So at this time, add 5 grams of gelatin powder and add 5 grams of food essence add 1 gram of food color. The color of the color you want to make up the jelly candy , also add 2 grams of stearic acid.

Then after mixing well, you have to put this mixture in a plastic mold.

The mold you are seeing on the screen. You can easily get these molds from the online drawer. After pouring into the mold, you let it cool for half an hour. When it cools down, take the jelly out of the mold. Now you can sprinkle sugar on it if you want, or else your jelly is ready- Jelly candies can be packed in packets and you can also buy boxes for it. Boxes, jars or packets you will get from Lahore Urdu Bazar or Papar Mandi. Multan, Faisalabad or Karachi. The weight of the candy will be 5 grams.

The retail price of which is 5 rupees. You have to make a box of 50 pieces because mostly this 50 piece box works.

And if we talk about the profit margin,

after taking out all the expenses, this box will cost you 110 rupees and its price in the market is 210 rupees.this article about Jelly Candy Making Machine ll Jelly Candy Business Idea 

Guys, you can sell it yourself and you can also hire a salesman to sell it. but if you want to sell your product quickly, it’s better to sell it yourself first because the hard work you put in will be worth it. Have to do it yourself, the salesman won’t do it.

Friends, I hope you liked today’s business idea. See you in the next article with another new idea, till then God bless you. this video about Jelly Candy Making Machine ll Jelly Candy Business Idea

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