Stapler Pins Making Business Idea 

Stapler Pins Making Business Idea

I want to start a business but I don’t have a good idea and I don’t have much money. If that’s what you think day and night, then this video is just for you.

In this video, I will not only tell you a great business idea but also How to start a business, its complete strategy will also be told. You will be able to start a 1 crore factory from your home in just 1 lakh rupees. How will you do it? I am sharing the complete details now.

Friends, the business that we have brought for you today is such a great business that there is no fear of loss. By investing very little money, you can earn thousands of rupees on a daily basis.

It is a product that is in demand everywhere. There are hospitals. Be it schools, colleges, homes or offices, these products are used everywhere.

Staples Making Machine-Staples Business

You might be wondering what such a product is. Which is in high demand and used everywhere. Let me tell you in detail. Before that I request you to subscribe the channel. So that you don’t miss any video related to business.

So the product you guys are seeing on your screen. These are stapler pins. You must have used it many times. The children will also be brought. But have you ever wondered how they are made? If their business is to be done, how should it be done? So guys it doesn’t sound like rocket science. There is a simple way. Which I tell you in detail in this video. Then if you want, you can also earn thousands of rupees profit daily.

First let’s talk about the machinery. The machine you need to make stapler pins is easily available from Pakistan. You can buy it from Lahore Karachi or Daska any big city.
You will find two types of models in this machine. Fully automatic machine and semi automatic machine. The machine takes molds of different sizes. With the help of which you can make pins of any size you want. Or whoever has more demand can make Pins.

And if you talk about space, you don’t need much space, just one room is enough. So in this sense, if you want to do this business from home, you can do it easily. There is only one thing you will need in Raw Material. Which is steel wire.

Stapler Pins Making Business

Steel wire is easily available everywhere. Want to buy from any city. It will be found in every city. Where to get electronics equipment and parts. You can also access them from there. Friends, make stapler pins and buy packaging for it or get your brand packaging printed. Target the local market of your city for sales. And gradually enter the market. Inshallah you will become a successful businessman in no time.

If you have more money, then you should buy a fully automatic machine, the price of which is about two and a half lakh rupees, and if the budget is less, then you should buy a semi-automatic machine, the price of which is about 90 thousand rupees. Friends hope you guys like today’s business idea. Don’t forget to subscribe the channel to get more such great business ideas timely. To watch the video. Thank you so much. Stapler Pins Making Business Idea 

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